GPxPatch version 4.52
Copyright (c) 2001-2019 René Smit
GPxSAT Classic and Digital copyright (c) 2001-2004 Marc Aarts
GPxSAT Digital 2004 copyright (c) Markus Krötz
Lo2k Blue Theme panel copyright (c) 2004 Laurent Rousseau
All rights reserved.

GPxPatch is freeware. It's not allowed to use it for commercial purposes, either directly or indirectly.

You may not redistribute GPxPatch via any media or for any purpose without the express permission of the author.


This software is provided as is without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. The author will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly, by the use of this program.


GPxPatch is a real-time extension for GP3/GP4. It adds certain features to the game, like official timing info, 3D sound, a track manager, hotlap authentication, and more.

System information::

The package currently contains the following sub-extensions:


To install GPxPatch, run the file inst-gpxpatch<version>.exe. The specified location within the installer must be the main GPx directory. If you install it somewhere else, then GPxPatch won't work.

If installed correctly, gpxpatch.exe is in the same directory as GPx.EXE, and this directory contains a subdirectory called gpxpdata.

To uninstall, run uninst-gpxpatch.exe. This won't remove all files, since they may contain settings you want to keep. To remove it completely, delete the gpxpdata directory manually.


GPxPatch can be started with gpxpatch.exe.

The GUI shows tabs where you can configure general options, and separate tabs for configuring the sub extensions:

Below that are three buttons: "Start GPx" will save changes and start the game, "Quit" will save changes and quit, and "Help" will try to show this help file in your browser (the F1 key will show documentation for the selected tab). At the left is a "Language" combobox with which you can change the language of the GPxPatch dialogs. If available, F1 and the Help button will also show the documentation in that language.


EscPressing escape will quit GPxPatch without saving changes.
Ctrl+ISome settings are only editable directly in the .ini files used by GPxPatch and its extensions. Use this shortcut to open the .ini file of the currently selected tab.
Ctrl+LWill open the log file of the currently selected tab.
Ctrl+Shift+LWill open the gpxpload.txt log file.
Ctrl+SWill start GPx. Same as pressing the "Start GPx" button.

Commandline options

Configurable keys

Most key strokes in GPxPatch are configurable, as well as key strokes within GPx itself. This can be done by editing gpxpdata\keys.ini (e.g. using Notepad).

The possible key strokes are listed below (the NP_ prefix indicates a key on the numpad):

A..Z or a..z
` or ˜
- or _
= or +
[ or {
] or }
\ or ¦
; or :
' or "
, or <
. or >
/ or ?
NP_+ or ADD
LSHIFT (left Shift)
RSHIFT (right Shift)
LCTRL (left Control)
RCTRL (right Control)
LALT (left Alt)
RALT (right Alt)
It is also possible to enter a virtual key code directly. It should be composed of 2 or 3 digits. To find out what virtual key code is needed for a key on your keyboard, download and run
this small program. When a key is pressed it will show the virtual key code that can be entered.

These can be assigned to any of the following GPxPatch actions:

PanelSize (TAB)
PanelSizeLess (Shift+TAB)
PanelUp (NP_8)
PanelDown (NP_2)
PanelPageUp (NP_9)
PanelPageDown (NP_3)
PanelHome (NP_7)
PanelEnd (NP_1)
PanelLock (NP_5)
PanelAlphaLess (NP_4)
PanelAlphaMore (NP_6)
Screenshot (F11)
SAT_ToggleOnOff (K)
SAT_ToggleSpeedSplit (S)
SAT_Standings (B)
SAT_TowerStandings (F)
SAT_TowerLeft (E)
SAT_ScrollNext (V)
SAT_TimeLeft (T)
SAT_MicroTime (M)
SAT_MicroTimeCompare (H)
SAT_MicroTimeSwitchABS (J)
SAT_DirectorsCut (D)
SAT_InfoScreen (1)
SAT_TrackMap (8)
LAP_PageClear (0)
LAP_PageLog (2)
LAP_PageATL (9)
LAP_PageMode (U)
LAP_PageMode2 (Y)
LAP_HotseatJump (J)
LAP_ToggleSetupMenuOnOff (L)
LAP_TogglePitSetupMenuOnOff (Shift+L)
LAP_PitSetupMenuSelect (\)
LAP_PitSetupMenuDown ([)
LAP_PitSetupMenuUp (])
LAP_RestoreCarState (BACKSPACE)
LAP_SaveCarState (Shift+BACKSPACE)
LAP_Quicksave (F12)
CInfo_ToggleOnOff (I)

Or to any of the following GPx actions:

Game_Replay (R)
Game_CamTrack (LEFT)
Game_CamCockpit (RIGHT)
Game_CamChaseFront (DELETE)
Game_CamChaseRear (PAGEDOWN)
Game_CamOnboard (PAGEUP)
Game_CamChaseZoomIn (7)
Game_CamChaseZoomOut (6)
Game_CamChaseZoomReset (5)
Game_CamChaseShiftUp (4)
Game_CamChaseShiftDown (3)
Game_CamChaseShiftReset (5)
Game_CamLookLeft (X)
Game_CamLookRight (C)
Game_DriverName (N)
Game_Gap (G)
Game_QuitRun (Q) will only work while also holding the Shift key
Game_Pit (ENTER)
Game_ProcessorOccupancy (O)
Game_DirectorMode (INSERT)
Game_CarSelectOwn (HOME)
Game_CarSelectNext (UP)
Game_CarSelectPrevious (DOWN)
Game_ControlSteerRight (.)
Game_ControlSteerLeft (,)
Game_ControlBrake (Z)
Game_ControlAccelerate (A)
Game_ControlShiftUp (SPACE)
Game_ControlShiftDown (SHIFT)
Game_HelpAutoBrake (F1)
Game_HelpAutoGear (F2)
Game_HelpAutoDirection (F3)
Game_HelpIndestructibility (f4)
Game_HelpSuggestedLine (F5)
Game_HelpSuggestedGear (F6)
Game_HelpTractionControl (F7)
Game_HelpSteeringHelp (F8)
Game_HelpLaunchControl (F9)

Non-configurable keys

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+End will almost directly quit the game (it still lets the game shut down normally as much as possible). It can cause the game to crash in some cases, but this should not be a big problem (although DirectX might get confused). The key combination usually works just as well when the game freezes, for example due to loading of incorrect track or jam files.

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+End will abandon the game directly the hard way. Use at your own risk.

More info

Known limitations


Many thanks to Marc Aarts for implementing the GPxSAT extension, endless testing and support.

Thanks to Markus Krötz for enhancing the GPxSAT extension and testing.

Thanks to Laurent Rousseau for supplying the Lo2k Blue Theme panel, creating the Digital and ATL font and improving the Futura font, and for testing and support.

Also thanks to Frank Ahnert, Andy Barganski, Victor Gars, Jo Helsen, Yuri Kuznetsov, Cesar Mello, Maarten van Schouwen, Ingo Serf, Adrian Walti, Aubrey Windle and everyone on the GP3ED/GP4ED mailing list for participation, help, testing and support.

Thanks to all other beta testers (in alphabetical order):
Paul Arnall, Kev Bell, Haiko Benthem, Steve Blackwell, John Bogle, Jimmy Fever, Colin Green, Maurice van den Hoogen, Ralph Hummerich, Macchine, Matthias Marquardt, Bruno Marques, Gabriele Profeta, Daniel Ryan, Luc Segers, Lloyd Shackleton, Robin Smit, Willem van der Steen, Jonne Vink, Jaap Wagenvoort, Adrian Walti, David Winder.

Thanks to Marek Michalak for supplying the Manana font, David Winder for creating the yellow numbers bitmap, Kev Bell for supplying the new Tag Heuer logo, Pablo Borzi for supplying graphics for GPxSAT 2004, and to Hernan for supplying siemens_2004.tga.

Thanks to PatrickC and his SLEditor for the starting lights offsets.

Thanks to TGF1DRIVER, vesuvius, and Excalibur for testing the car specific tread and wheel textures.

Thanks to MikhailM for supplying the refuel timing bug fix.

NSIS (the installer) was made by Nullsoft.

Contact and updates

All bug reports, complaints and suggestions should be sent to:

The latest version can be retrieved from:

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